Did you Google me?

Thanks… and welcome.

Everything on this site is created by me and should not to be used without my permission. I am aware this page is public and you likely got here because you’re either considering hiring me or are e-stalking me. Don’t worry if one of these describes you; there is nothing here I wouldn’t tell someone I met at a cocktail party. I don’t have a lot to hide, so you can take solace that this sort of openness means you know what you’re getting with me. You can look for me on the various social networks, but those profiles are not public. Chances are I’ll accept if you send me a request, it’s just that I like to keep interactions with friends and family behind a gate. I think there’s plenty here to keep you busy… at least for awhile.

While you’re here, there are a few things I think should you know about me.

  • I was born and raised in northern Virginia, where I currently live with my wife.
  • I have a B.S. in Finance from Philadelphia University.
  • I have a M.S. in Information Systems from George Washington University.
  • I like to travel, take pictures, eat things, go fast and keep up with the latest in technology.
  • I love math and finding patterns in things.
  • I use these loves to specialize in data mining, analytics, statistical analysis and data visualization.
  • I have a page especially for my résumé and have included my business card (pdf) below for your convenience.