Life List

They, whoever they is, say that people should make a list of the things they want to do in their lifetime. We all want to be happy, but there are things each of us have on our own list that aren’t universal. Supposedly making a list of these things is a lot like a To Do list in that it will help you visualize and accomplish that tasks/goals. Who knows how well it really works but at the least I can use it as my “Cool Things Before I Die” list to mark things off of. Some of these are pretty old but I can remember wanting to do them back when I was younger so they’re no less deserving. The list is in no particular order and will likely grow as I find the latest and greatest in life inspiring activities.

Progress: 44 of 76 (58%)Travel to Alaska and walk on a glacierVisit 10 countries
Fly a planeVisit USS Arizona Memorial in HonoluluVisit 25 countries (24/25)
Fly a helicopterHave coffee in NetherlandsVisit 10 time zones
Ride in an upside-down planeTravel to see the Isle of Man TTLive outside the United States
Train as an Emergency Medical TechnicianTravel to England and see StonehengeEarn amateur motorsports racing license
Gross six figures in a calendar yearEat foie gras in ParisWin amateur wheel to wheel motorsports race
Obtain a Masters DegreeHave a beer & fries with mayo in BelgiumAttend Indy Style racing school
Attend a Bluegrass FestivalTravel to Monte Carlo for a Formula One raceGet motorcycle license and own a motorcycle
Witness an active volcano eruptionDrink a pint of Guinness in IrelandOwn a Ducati
Skydive from above 10,000 feetDrive on the Autobahn in GermanyParticipate in a motorcycle track event
See a boxing or MMA match liveDrive on Nürburgring race course in GermanySee a Formula One race (anywhere)
Climb a FourteenerAttend Oktoberfest in MunichSee three Formula One races
Get a tattooTravel to China and see the Great WallInvest in the stock market
Drive across the continental United StatesSee Machu Picchu in PeruOwn a home
Attend a survival skills schoolTravel to Italy and visit PompeiiOwn an investment property
Attempt a wilderness survival scenarioLearn to play Craps and do so in VegasMeet an idol or childhood hero
Sleep on a trainGo whitewater rafting in ColoradoLearn to play harmonica
Fire a fully automatic firearmAttend Gilroy Garlic Festival in CaliforniaSee Ladysmith Black Mambazo in concert
Shoot trap or skeetRide a Cable Car in San FranciscoSee a Cowboys game in Dallas
Own a firearmTravel to Laguna Seca for Moto GP raceGo to the Super Bowl (to see the Cowboys?)
Bicycle 100 miles in a dayTravel to Japan and eat sushiVisit the NHL Hall of Fame in Toronto
Go deep sea fishingTravel to Egypt to see the Valley of the KingsAttend a Stanley Cup finals game
Ride in a Coast Guard Jayhawk helicopterLose 50 poundsOwn a Porsche 911 of indeterminate age
"Run" a 5k without walkingLose 75 poundsEat pho for breakfast in Vietnam
Run a 5k in under 30 minComplete a "sprint" triathlonSee Angkor Wat in Cambodia
Visit Blue Lagoon in IcelandHave a kid