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X-Men: Apocalypse

Saturday, May 21st, 2016

12744745_10153259705476744_5778491274330635830_nIf we’re friends on Facebook, you may have seen a handful of posts about the tragedy that is the upcoming X-Men movie. I know nerdy types like to complain about movies that represent their childhood and, for the most part, I’ve managed to avoid doing so. This one, however, contains a character that is my all-time favorite and one I’ve been waiting to come to the movies since… well… I was a boy and my friends and I thought it would be amazing to have a cartoon X-Men movie… because we didn’t believe live action was possible. This one’s a bummer because the Marvel Universe of movies has done some pretty great things and some not so great things, but the dread I felt about them putting Apocalypse in a movie could not have come more true.

So why does a 38 year old man, who has better things to do, care so much? To me, Apocalypse is the epitome of my childhood. I’m gonna get a bit deep on you to tell you why. Back then, I was an overweight kid… who wasn’t coping with his parents’ divorce that well… and who spent gym class trying, unsuccessfully, to avoid getting his ass kicked. I hated the world. Then, along came a character who knew so much about humankind’s real nature that he wanted to end it all. Apocalypse wasn’t evil, he was knowledgeable.  For better or worse, I identified with him and became subsequently fascinated by the idea that what he knew could be so massive as to warrant destruction. I outgrew that part of my life, but not before some version of his name became my online presence. Back before Facebook, I was most often known on web forums, etc. as Apocalypse or Apoc. To this day, my Xbox Live gamertag is Apoc24 and people call me Apoc in-game. Yeah, nerd stuff.

In the physical world, I have a small bust of the character but never anything remarkable. I’ve never really looked, but always wanted something. Imagine my delight when I saw a 1/6 scale statue of him in Prague a few months ago. I debated that purchase for 45 minutes, but would have no way to get it back on a plane and the shop tenders didn’t understand me when I asked if they could ship it. I was bummed, but it was what had to be. One decent Ebay deal to the rescue! This thing is currently in storage, but one day it will get displayed. In the meantime, I’ll have to hope the movie can hold me off. The truth is I’ve avoided really thinking about the upcoming movie. When I realized how far off his physical appearance was, I knew I needed to not form an opinion and go in totally open minded. I’m not greedy – all I ask is that it be decent and not corny.


Saturday, July 12th, 2008

They are out in force at Fair Oaks Mall today. More than one person in line was killing time by playing with their first generation iPhone. Yay consumerism!

Screw You Jared

Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

Update: I received a letter from Tag Heuer apologizing for my poor experience. They said they agreed that they had little control over the independent dealer but found it regrettable “the entire experience wasn’t a pleasant one.” They sent me a nice embossed notebook and engraved stainless steel pen “as a gesture of good will.” These are little things, but they go a long way towards making me feel like they actually care… even if they don’t. What have I gotten from Jared? A voicemail saying that Tag Heuer told them there aren’t any links available but they think I’ve already come in to get one from another watch so they hope that was satisfactory. Jackasses.

~Post originally dated 2/10/08~

I’ve never shopped at jewelry retailers their prices weren’t comparable to the likes of Blue Nile. I did a lot of comparison shopping back when I bought my wife’s engagement ring and no retailer could complete then… or since. Included below is a letter I’m sending to Jared’s corporate customer service department regarding a recent experience. I’m also going to be sending a copy to Tag Heuer US with a note explaining my disappointment in who they chose to represent their brand. I’ve never been afraid to write letters and they’re generally met with good response. It will be interesting to see what comes of this.

If you can help it, buy from Blue Nile. Their customer service has always been nothing short of amazing… and I have admittedly high expectations when it comes to service.

Dear Sir or Madam:

This letter serves to inform you of a poor customer service experience I had in dealing with the Jared store located at Dulles Town Center in Dulles, Virginia. As an authorized retailer for Tag Heuer products, my wife chose this location as the establishment to purchase a birthday gift for me. Upon realizing the Carrera Automatic Chronograph she purchased would need an extra link to fit properly, we visited to the store for service. We were guided to Mike (unfortunately I did not get a last name), who was introduced as the Manger on duty. Before he was available to help, a gentleman named Yusuf offered to help us until he was available. The entirety of the experience detailed below, however, includes both of the aforementioned employees.

After verifying the purchase was within the last 30 days, we were informed the link required was not available in the store and would have to be ordered from Tag Heuer. When we inquired as to the time frame and cost of obtaining said link, we were told that an estimate of neither was currently available. We were asked for contact information, to which we replied that we were leaving the country for two weeks in a few days and would not be available to respond to any quote we received. When we asked if they could give us any sort of range, whether it be $20 or $100, we were met with a solicitation for “the most we were willing to pay” so it could be ordered without our approval. Unwilling to answer such a questionable inquiry, we were instructed to “find one on the internet for cheap” and bring it in so they could add it to the watch. After twenty minutes of basically arguing options presented to us with the employees, we left the store with nothing to show for our efforts.

Unsatisfied with this result, I contacted the US based customer service department for Tag Heuer to clarify. I was informed that since I purchased from an authorized retailer, not only should two links be made available to me, but they should be done so at no additional cost. The customer service representative provided me her contact information and asked that I have the manager contact her if he insisted I pay for the link.

When I called the Dulles store and asked for Mike, I was informed he was not available and that I was speaking to David, the Assistant General Manager. I explained the situation and David said he would speak with Mike and get back to me later that day. When I informed him of the time sensitive nature of the situation, given Jared’s 30-day return policy and our approaching travels, he asked if I could visit the store with the watch that same day. He then offered to take a link out of a watch from the store’s existing stock, place it in mine and order a replacement for the stock watch. Within three hours of this conversation, I had an additional link in my watch at no charge.

While I commend David in his efforts to satisfy a customer, it’s frustrating to have gone through the experience in the first place. My situation was eventually remedied, but only after multiple phone calls and two trips to the store. I cannot help wonder how many customers have been duped into thinking paying was their only option. Given the choices available to consumer these days, including reputable online retailers with better prices and better customer service, I would have a hard time recommending Jared to friends and family. Were Tag Heuer to give customers an option of purchasing their products via authorized online channels, I would have likely abandoned Jared much sooner.