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X-Men: Apocalypse

Saturday, May 21st, 2016

12744745_10153259705476744_5778491274330635830_nIf we’re friends on Facebook, you may have seen a handful of posts about the tragedy that is the upcoming X-Men movie. I know nerdy types like to complain about movies that represent their childhood and, for the most part, I’ve managed to avoid doing so. This one, however, contains a character that is my all-time favorite and one I’ve been waiting to come to the movies since… well… I was a boy and my friends and I thought it would be amazing to have a cartoon X-Men movie… because we didn’t believe live action was possible. This one’s a bummer because the Marvel Universe of movies has done some pretty great things and some not so great things, but the dread I felt about them putting Apocalypse in a movie could not have come more true.

So why does a 38 year old man, who has better things to do, care so much? To me, Apocalypse is the epitome of my childhood. I’m gonna get a bit deep on you to tell you why. Back then, I was an overweight kid… who wasn’t coping with his parents’ divorce that well… and who spent gym class trying, unsuccessfully, to avoid getting his ass kicked. I hated the world. Then, along came a character who knew so much about humankind’s real nature that he wanted to end it all. Apocalypse wasn’t evil, he was knowledgeable.  For better or worse, I identified with him and became subsequently fascinated by the idea that what he knew could be so massive as to warrant destruction. I outgrew that part of my life, but not before some version of his name became my online presence. Back before Facebook, I was most often known on web forums, etc. as Apocalypse or Apoc. To this day, my Xbox Live gamertag is Apoc24 and people call me Apoc in-game. Yeah, nerd stuff.

In the physical world, I have a small bust of the character but never anything remarkable. I’ve never really looked, but always wanted something. Imagine my delight when I saw a 1/6 scale statue of him in Prague a few months ago. I debated that purchase for 45 minutes, but would have no way to get it back on a plane and the shop tenders didn’t understand me when I asked if they could ship it. I was bummed, but it was what had to be. One decent Ebay deal to the rescue! This thing is currently in storage, but one day it will get displayed. In the meantime, I’ll have to hope the movie can hold me off. The truth is I’ve avoided really thinking about the upcoming movie. When I realized how far off his physical appearance was, I knew I needed to not form an opinion and go in totally open minded. I’m not greedy – all I ask is that it be decent and not corny.

Weekend Wonderland

Sunday, November 4th, 2012

They say living in the Pacific Northwest makes you more active. I thought they meant mountain climbing and hiking, but perhaps it’s more than that. When I look back at my weekend and compare that to how we would spend a weekend five years ago, it definitely qualifies as more active. They say correlation is not causation, but I know living in a Pacific Northwest city is definitely for me. Here’s what I accomplished this weekend:

  • Drove to the north side of the city for a curling open house… which was AWESOME
  • Rode the bus downtown to watch Cloud Atlas with a cinephile Meetup group
  • Two Asian themed lunches  – A banh mi and Vietnamese coffee; Chinese roast pork and roast duck
  • House chores – Vacuumed carpet/couch, washed cat’s blankets, cleaned litter boxes, washed dishes, scrubbed toilets
  • Restocking of goods – grocery store and pet store
  • Cooked a Sunday gravy (I cook a big pot meal every Sunday so I have dinner all week)
  • Watched the F1 race, the Cowboys/Falcons game and 3-4 episodes of Breaking Bad

…and all of it in about 28 hours of being awake. It’s certainly not the most mind blowing weekend, but something I’m proud of considering it would have been much easier to sit in the house all weekend doing nothing. Of course I spent the entire time thinking how great it would be doing it all with Melissa; I’m sure you won’t hold it against me. I look forward to when she’s back and we get to spend our first real Christmas in Seattle.

Another First

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

Starting tomorrow, I will live alone for the first time in my life. Tomorrow marks the day Melissa leaves Seattle to spend the next four months in Virginia. She’s returning to complete her graduate degree in Art History; one she will finish after two more semesters of classes. It’s a decision we made before we ever moved here and a decision that, as difficult as it will be, is the right one.

I could spend paragraph upon paragraph talking about the experience, but I’m not going to. Some of the best things are said with very few words, so I will endeavor to do that here. With that in mind, there are three things I want to mention.

  • We are very different people today than we were 5 years ago. We aren’t worried about the other person finding someone else, growing apart or having an affair, but rather how we are going to cope being apart for six weeks at a time (we have visits in-between). I don’t mean that in the co-dependent ZOMG HOW ARE WE GOING TO LIVE sort of way, but rather coming to grips with being apart for weeks at a time when we lived together for the last 14 years.
  • Melissa is the love of my life. I don’t know that I would have used those words a few years ago, but I use them now. We have grown so close over the last couple years and especially close moving to the other side of the country together. We have had to rely on each other almost exclusively for the last eight months and transitioning from that to relying on ourselves will be a monumental change.
  • I will be living alone. I know many have done it, but it’s a very new experience for me. For reference, I think I’ve done laundry a half dozen times in my life. I’m not afraid or nervous, I’m just intrigued by the idea of 100% self-reliance. I see a lot of video games and Chinese food in my future… and probably working entirely too much.

So, yeah. Tomorrow a new adventure begins for the both of us. Wish us luck.