Going Away Party

Last night we celebrated our last weekend in the area with a pretty monumental going away party. My mom was nice enough to host; my sister and her went through a lot of effort to make sure there was plenty of food, drink and Seattle themed decoration. This was somewhat of a huge undertaking because with the 40+ years Melissa and I have spent in the area, the invite list was well into the triple digits. We had about 75 people accept and even though 20-30% of them didn’t show or canceled last minute, we still had a ton of people partying.

I wanted to document the occasion, but I didn’t want to be tied to the camera all night. A few weeks ago, I got the idea to set up a very rudimentary photo booth so people could take their own picture. I knew I could tether my dSLR to my laptop with Lightroom, but I didn’t test the ease of use with it, a shutter release remote and the camera’s timer until a few hours before the party. Well, I’m happy to report that despite it being somewhat of a low effort first attempt, I’m really happy with the results.

We had people from so many different parts of our lives, I wish everyone would have take their picture. Unfortunately, we had to set it up somewhat out of the way and I kept forgetting to remind people do visit it, so exposure was a bit limited. Still, there is a decent number of pictures of guests and some very amusing ones at that.

Thank you everyone for your commitment to making the night one we will never forget.

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